Cheerful Hands Summer Cooking Charity Event

Summer Cooking Charity Event was held smoothly on 17th July. Due to weather situation, the event was relocated to an indoor venue. With the creativity and preparation of our volunteers, the picnic atmosphere was well-preserved and everyone enjoyed very much.
Starting with a warm-up game to kick off the day and followed by introducing practical knowledge on maintaining a balanced nutritious lifestyle and reducing food waste at source were well-received. For lunch, thanks to Executive Chef Marco Lo for preparing culinary delights and sharing the cooking experiences, which was a chilled and enjoyable lunch.

In the afternoon, the picnic theme cooking competition started where all participants got given a limited budget to shop ingredients from supermarket, and to create dishes together with the given leftovers within the given time. Cooking is a good bonding time for families, not only does it help to enhance their culinary skills but also harnesses imagination, collaborations, develop creativity and enrich their family bonding time.

Special thanks to the 3 experienced Chefs as judges for the competition, sharing their creative cooking experiences and insights to enlighten everyone’s culinary skills. No one is born perfect, but with the right support; we believe everyone can shine in their own way to help our community. It was an amazing event for everyone to have fun and learn from participation. This “Summer” cooking event surely allowed us to fill everyone with sweet and heart-warming moments.
Stay tuned to the coming events, we look forward to your participation.