Cheerful Hands is excited to launch our 2021 Mini Lava Custard Mooncakes charity sales. Money raised (excluded costs) will be used to support our food assistance program. Your generous support enable us to continuously provide sustainable living support to those in need.​

JOIN US for providing food assistance to grassroots family in-need​. Our team prepare ingredients each week for delivering a two-week supply of basic nutritious foods to eligible sponsored families.

Purchase 1 Box of Mooncake will support 10 meals​
Purchase 9 Boxes of Mooncake will support meals for 1 month​

Food is not only for fulfilling basic needs, it also plays an important part in upkeeping a healthy lifestyle through a nutritious balanced diet. That is why we carefully choose our foods with love and care ensuring the people we support living a healthy lifestyle in order to work hard and get back on their feet soon.​

Life is full of hope. Just like the sun rising through the darkness bringing us positivity and warmth. Similar to the sun, we also deliver warmth and hope to the grassroots families through a sustainable living support.​

Special thanks to Leo Gallery for providing this wonderful paintings. “The Sun is Shining Again”, originated from a talented German artist Doris Ernst, expressing life is full of hope; for using this as part of the overall box design.​

“The Sun is Shining Again” Mini Lava Custard Mooncakes-3pieces
 Price: HK$168/box (Original price: $228)
 Ordering Period : NOW till 12th Sept 2021

 Purchase 5 boxes for free delivery