Cheerful Hands Provides Free Tutorial Service For Eligible Students

Cheerful Hands partnered with Hong Kong Metropolitan University (“HKMU”) to launch the first free tutorial service, “Metro Cheerful Tutorial”.  It will be held at HKMU campus, giving support to both primary and secondary students in-need from grassroot families.

The kick-off ceremony and the debut tutorial service was held on 22 November. The scheme aims to recruit HKMU students as tutors to provide homework and academic support for Primary 3 to Secondary 3 students while HKMU students can gain various experiences, for instance, teaching, community support, etc. through the program.

Students, who participate in this program, can assist them on academic progression. Families in-need are welcome to sign up for the free tutorial service.” 

Media Coverage:首個由大學主導「義補」 為基層學生免費補習