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Living life with passion in order to fill our life with sunshine.  Our love together will make a difference to what we trying to achieve.

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Cheerful Hands will use every Penny of your donation to help individual / families in-need. “Give roses to others, leave fragrance lingers in your hand”.

Online Donation function will be available soon. Stay tuned! Please contact us if needed.


Your fundraising helps to support needy people by enabling them to become self-sufficient one day and “give back” to our local communities. We can’t think of a better way to use your time and your talents. By mobilizing your family and friends through fundraising, you can be a part of the force helping our community to thrive.


We need your support to participate in one of our many events throughout the year for bringing smile and help to our local community.

Online Donation

Cheerful Hands will use every donation you make to help every poor family.  Your help can not only warm the children’s bodies, but also soothe their hearts.

Choosing to support Cheerful Hands means that you support Hong Kong and become a supporter of “self-sufficiency and giving back to society”.

All donations over HK $100 are tax-free.


Your fundraising activities promote a program aimed at promoting a culture of giving to the community with every penny and encouraging the beneficiaries to give back to the community.  Your fundraising activities enable us to provide sustainable nutritious balanced food and education support to the needy people, help them become self-sufficient and encourage them to give back to the society, so as to improve their lives and promote the balanced development of the community.

We can’t think of a better way to use your time and talent.  Fundraising can be creative, tough and bold.  By mobilizing family and friends, you can build a balanced community by helping other needy individuals and families become self-sufficient and encouraging them to give back to society.

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